Frank – Gilbert, AZ

“Back in 2011 we had difficulty obtaining health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. HealthMarkets was VERY helpful and enabled us to get insurance. Most recently in 2013, HealthMarkets helped us obtain new cost-effective health insurance as well as Medicare supplemental insurance. Our agent has been extremely helpful to my wife and I and is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable and reliable. He was invaluable in helping us navigate through the “Obamacare nightmare.””

Diana – Parma, OH

“We had been looking online for insurance info. HealthMarkets contacted us immediately and has been very helpful. They made it very easy to understand and make the choices that were good for us. We had no idea how many options we had. We have great coverage, including eye care and dental. We have used all of the products that were made available to us and have found that our coverage is all we expected! HealthMarkets has done so much for us that we have sent a number of our friends to them knowing that they will work as hard for them as they have for us.

David – Sun Valley, CA

“I’m extremely grateful for the services that HealthMarkets has provided to me and my wife. My agent is very knowledgeable with all of the products that were offered to us. He took time to educate us, patiently answered all our questions with the products that we are interested in, this gave us a sense of security with our purchase.”