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Frank – Gilbert, AZ

“Back in 2011 we had difficulty obtaining health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. HealthMarkets was VERY helpful and enabled us to get insurance. Most recently in 2013, HealthMarkets helped us obtain new cost-effective health insurance as well as Medicare supplemental insurance. Our agent has been extremely helpful to my wife and I and is a… Read more »

Daisy – Hanover, NH

“HealthMarkets assisted me in finding the least expensive plan which could cover my family’s needs. This was $200 a month less than the plan offered through my employer. My agent was willing to work after hours so I could have all of my questions answered. We are very satisfied with the process.”

Cristina – Ashland, MA

“What a relief to have HealthMarkets. You have an agent who charges you absolutely zero money, presents to you all the different options available to protect you and your family in the most economical way available. It is crazy to try and navigate the new health care system without some guidance from HealthMarkets.”