Charlotte – N. Andover, MA

“My agent worked with me to find a health and dental plan that met the needs of my present and future employees. I was given a variety of plans to view and my agent found the best and most cost-effective for my business. He went over everything with me, answering all of my questions. He made the process very easy and I am very pleased with the product chosen.”

Judy – San Diego, CA

“My agent was very helpful with my transition to Medicare coverage. She also found a supplement plan for me that included my physicians and hospital which made me very comfortable. I have been doing business with my agent for over 4 years, and 2 years with Medicare coverage. She is always very helpful and explains all of my options so I can make a sound decision. She is always very prompt in returning my phone calls or e-mails. I enjoy working with her. She is like family. “

Bradley – Largo, FL

“My agent worked very hard to find us affordable health insurance through the health insurance marketplace. She helped us compare several different plans before we made our choice. We have chosen a plan that covers us for physician care, hospitalization, accidents, eye care, and dental care at a cost almost half of what we were paying. My agent is an excellent and dedicated agent, without whose help we could have never successfully navigated through the new marketplace system.”

Linda – Indianapolis, IN

“I was so impressed with the service I received while working with my agent. She was so professional and walked me through the process very nicely. I felt she was truly working hard for me, trying to match me with the most beneficial, cost-effective supplemental coverage to meet my health needs. She explained every aspect of my coverage and the plan. I was eager to tell others about my experience and will readily pass on the information about the services to anyone who is in need of health insurance. She offered me what I felt was the best coverage for my situation. I felt grateful to work with an agent who was truly looking out for my best interests.”